Wally Welch

Informação Pessoal

  • Height: 6' 4" (1,93 m)


Wally Welch was born in Sanderson, Texas on March 24, 1947 to Lewis Welch, a conductor for Amtrak, and Betty Welch, a housewife. Wally has two younger siblings. At 18 years old, Wally joined the military, where he trained as an air traffic controller during the Vietnam War. After his honorable discharge, Wally and his then wife, Esther, moved to Conroe, Texas. Wally and Esther had two children together before they divorced in the early 1980’s. Around the same time of his divorce, Wally got bit by the acting bug and his passion for the art has yet to falter. It is that passion, along with his good looks and larger than life personality, that has allowed Wally’s career to span thirty years now, as he continues to earn roles on the small and big screens.


Trailers e Videos


Bravos Guerreiros (1997), Tom Berenger, Sam Elliott & Gary Busey, Legendado