Tia Barr

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Tia Barr is a classically trained Actress & TV Host~ graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts~ Hollywood, CA. Tia Barr’s diverse abilities have produced roles in everything from the dramatic series Son’s Of Anarchy, Buried In The Backyard, Alfred Hitchcock’s murder mystery remake~ The Lodger, Rich & Acquitted, to comedies such as Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey & numerous shows on Comedy Central. Tia continues to study & keep her “instrument” strong while attending vigorous acting workshops, and training with a private acting coach. Her athletic interests are just as diverse as the rest of her resume. She excels in numerous sports & skills like being a Licensed Motor-Cycle Driver, Licensed Cosmetologist, does own Stunts, Running, Mountain Biking, Precision Roller Skating, Dancing, Surfing, Martial Arts, Boxing, & Weight Lifting. Tia’s second biggest passion is traveling. She has traveled around the world & is extremely well versed & knowledgeable about current worldly events. Tia Barr lives Bi-Coastal between New York & Los Angeles so she can continue to work hard and escalate her career. She feels extremely blessed to be working among other talented Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers & Visionaries in show business. Stay tuned for more of Tia Barr!


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