Thomas Browne Henry


If you’ve ever seen a war picture, sci-fi epic or western from the 1940s or 1950s, then you’ve seen Thomas Browne Henry, and more than once. Along with Morris Ankrum, Henry is probably the army officer most responsible for helping Earth drive off hordes of invading outer-space monsters, aliens and other unwelcome intruders. His stocky build, sharply etched face, commanding voice and no-nonsense, get-down-to-business style were just right for the scores of generals, colonels, bankers, political leaders and other authority figures he played over his long and prolific career. Born in California, he had a very successful career as a stage actor and director, and was closely associated with the renowned Pasadena Playhouse, before breaking into films in 1948 (his brother, William Henry, was also an actor) and played a succession of cops, sheriffs, district attorneys, professors and, of course, army officers over the next 20+ years. He finally retired in 1970 and went back to his first love, the theater, again back to the Pasadena Playhouse. He died in 1980.


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