Sailor Larocque


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  • Altura: 5' 7½" (1.71 m)


Sailor Larocque is an American film and television actor known for Good Girls and Venom. She was in a very likely place to decide career paths, contemplating the future while back-packing through Peru as one does, when she knew acting was the journey for her. She is California-born and Floridian-raised. Sailor loves the outdoors and is all about hiking, bike riding and skating. She loves being a big sister to her brother Joseph, and she is proud to be the human mom to a baby angel kitty named Louise. Sailor is proud to be a part of an all female sketch team, producing and directing content written by women, for women.


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  • Venom

    Ação, Terror, Ficção Científica, Suspense


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VENOM - Cena: Venom vs Soldados [Tom Hardy]