Pan Pan Yeung


Born in Hong Kong of Shanghai and Sechuan parents. Started martial arts and Chinese opera training when she was 4 year-old, and later at the Fan Kok Fa opera academy. Learned different styles from top masters, including Lee Kwan Hung, of Choy Lay Fatt kung fu; Dan Inosanto of jeet kune do; western boxing from John Ladawski; karate from Bruce Leung. She was called “Lady Jackie Chan” in the early 1980s. Worked for Goldig Films, Shaw Brothers, and is well known from appearances in the early 1980s TV series, “Stunt Women”, “Legend of Condor Heroes” and “Yang Women Warriors”.


Trailers e Videos


Força de Combate 1989 (Dublado - 720p) Pan Pan Yeung e Pauline Wong - Filme Completo.