Omaryus Luckett


Born in Los Angeles, Omaryus Luckett is a lil guy with big dreams. He’s only 13 and has dived into his entertainment gift head on. Just started early this year and already has two singles he released on social media, Forever” and Boyfriend” and he’s getting a positive buzz. It was early in his young life when he notices he had a natural singing voice and a smooth r&b vibrato. He volunteered to sing lead in his church choir at age 5, till date he now sings backup for youthful gospel group, called “KoolKidz”. On natural abilities with just a few lessons Omarys plays drums for his home church, but he has a bigger dream. Omaryus is an actor by heart and has already appeared on Mozzy’s new music video ‘Thug Mansion’ featuring YG and Ty Dolla $ign, and was featured in new artist Talos music video also Feature actor in Vince Staples music video “FUN” also Background actor in a music video for BLACK EYE PEAS. Omaryus has landed performing role as Featured actor in a music video for Uno Hype (PINK RECORDS) titled SuperDeep Brother (role as artist Uno Hype lil bro) Omaryus is just warming up to his calling. Omaryus has rolled up his sleeves and is ready for the long road before him and the hard work ahead. He is positive and always says “if you believe in yourself you believe in success.


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Trailer .The Djiin. Gênero. Terror (2021)