Nikita Bogolyubov


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  • Altura: 5' 11" (1.8 m)

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Nikita Bogolyubov was born in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg, Russia). He had his first taste of being an entertainer via ice skating when he was only four years old. His family had migrated with him over to the US when he was eight years old. Due to his parents’ world-class figure skating abilities, Nikita got to travel all over the US and Canada before they settled down in New Jersey. Starting from an early age, Nikita was fascinated with technology and the Internet. He had even taken computer programming and computer networking classes in high school. In spite of his interest with that, he decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry after realizing the computer field would have him mostly confined to a cubicle lifestyle. The entertainment career start began with Invincible (2006) where he was an extra for the majority of the production days in Philadelphia. You can see him featured in the opening credits pushing a car. After attempting to commute to gigs in New York, he decided to pursue the goal to its fullest and moved to Los Angeles. Nikita’s first big on-air moment would come from NBC’s Prime Suspect: Great Guy, Yet: Dead (2011) where he had a scene opposite of Maria Bello. Wanting to showcase more of his abilities, he looked into collaborating with American Film Institute (AFI) fellows and ended up getting lead roles in various projects in the years to come. Most recently, Nikita had his first lead role in the feature film The Saratov Approach (2013). The movie is set to premiere in select theaters on October 9th, 2013.


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