Mia Hansen-Løve


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Cinema came into Mia Hansen-Løve’s life when she was eighteen, as Olivier Assayas made her start as an actress in Late August, Early September (1998). Two years later, he gave her the part of “Aline” in his Les destinées (2000). Their artistic collaboration was coupled by a union in real life, Mia and Olivier becoming life companions. In 2001, Mia Hansen-Løve began studying at the municipal Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris’ 10th district but she dropped our after two years to contribute instead to the famous film magazine “Les Cahiers du Cinéma”, where Olivier Assayas also wrote. In 2001, she tried her hand at directing and, as of the first day of shooting, discovered that this WAS what she wanted to do. The result was Après mûre réflexion (2004). Since then, although aged only twenty-eight, she has already made two more films, All Is Forgiven (2007) and Father of My Children (2009), both acclaimed by the critics, both showing consistent thematic and stylistic unity.