Luis Heredia


Luis Heredia was a small-figure comedian who was known for his flute-like voice of comic tenor that served to make him love by the public of Madrid at first and then the rest of Spain from the decade of 1910 until his death. In his early days he made zarzuela but soon entered into what was called the genre Infimo, the operetta and the magazine, coming to enjoy great success in the Martin theater since the premiere of the great success of Las corsarias embodying one of the three male protagonists under Directed by Salvador Videgain and accompanied by Faustino Bretaño, after leaving the company, Videgain entrusted many papers to Heredia who enjoys his best artistic stage between 1919-1925 getting to continue in the company of that director enjoying continued success, on his return Martin theater after leaving that the public had not forgotten, will be in the coliseum as part of his legend, as well as his gender until his death.


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