Lory Molino

Informação Pessoal

  • Height: 5' 5½" (1,66 m)


Lory Molino who is a combination of high education, brilliant intellect, business experience, and creative talent. A former professional local model and background actor who modeled and acted “for the fun of it” while maintaining a scientific career, Lory brings to her company WOF Entertainment Inc., a mix of entertainment experience and corporate business skills. Of mixed native ancestry, her exotic looks often gain attention when she walks into a room. After 30 years of working within the corporate world, she began to return to her modeling and background acting after taking a 20-year hiatus following the birth of her children, she re-discovered her passion for the entertainment industry re-emerging in Creed and Swing Away. When invited by Mark Lipsky to be part of WOF Entertainment, Lory gratefully accepted. Lory is enjoying life even more than ever now as a working producer in an industry she enjoys.


Trailers e Videos


The Virtuoso - Trailer Oficial Legendado (2021)