Lincoln Lageson


Two-time Western Heritage Award winner, two-time CAMIE (Character and Morality in Entertainment) Award winner, and Golden Boot Award winning film and television producer LINCOLN LAGESON has compiled a respected body of work throughout his 26 years in the industry. Projects produced by Lincoln include: 53 Movies of the Week, (10) 2 hour films for the Hallmark Channel Mystery Wheel, and (6) 4 hour mini-series. Lincoln has Directed 2nd Unit on 33 projects and performed in the capacity of Unit Production Manager on 21 projects. These shows have been produced in conjunction with TNT, ABC, NBC, Lifetime, Spike, Hallmark Channel and Miramax to name a few. Lincoln has had the pleasure of collaborating with Directors such as: Joe Sargeant, Yves Simoneau, Andy Wolk, Dennis Quaid, John Milius, Bradford May, Jack Bender, Kevin Connor, Michael Grossman, Lee Rose, Matthew Diamond, Eriq LaSalle and Ron Oliver. As a filmmaker, Lincoln successfully manages all business aspects, while also supporting the creative elements. This balanced approach enables all of those involved to have a positive filmmaking experience culminating in a wonderful project. Having performed in the capacity of most of the film crew positions and having overseen projects from conception through completion, Lincoln is able to view a project from a unique and beneficial prospective. Lincoln is also viewed by the Directors he has collaborated with as a supportive Producer, helping them bring their vision and storytelling to the screen. In 2006, Lincoln was elected to the Associate Board of Directors of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. This prestigious position will help Lincoln continue to preserve our Nation’s western heritage. Lincoln is also on the Board of Director’s of The Grace Foundation of Northern California, an equine rescue and rehabilitation facility. Lincoln’s membership in Rancheros Visitadores is a great source of pride for Lincoln. Additionally, he is also an active member of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The Directors Guild of America, The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Born in Sacramento, Lincoln grew up in the town of Crockett, CA and came to Los Angeles in 1990 without the advantage of family nor powerful industry friends to move him along. Currently he resides in Chatsworth, CA . Away from work, Lincoln enjoys spending time with his family and friends and horseback riding.


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Bravos Guerreiros (1997), Tom Berenger, Sam Elliott & Gary Busey, Legendado