Katerina Taxia

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  • Height: 5' 4" (1,63 m)


Katerina is a Second City Alumi actor who was the original, ultimate Italian princess in the improvised comedy hit “Tony N Tina’s Wedding.” She then served as the Queen of the Nile being cast as “Cleopatra” in the Discovery Channel’s “Cleopatra’s Palace and the Real Cleopatra,” which was showcased globally in over 130 countries. Katerina has had guest starring roles on hit television shows such as “Darcy’s Wildlife”, George F. Walker’s dramatic CBC hit, “This Is Wonderland”. She also worked with JJ Abrams on “Fringe” as the go-to “FBI Agent Dawson” on the FOX network and also appeared in SYFY’s “Warehouse 13”. She has given her time for a touching and important PSA for the Princess Margaret Hospital titled “Tears of Joy” with Oscar-nominated director Hubert Davis and most recently a heartbreaking PSA for Partners Mental Health that deals with teen suicide, titled, “Right by You” with up and coming director, David Quinn.


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  • Awake

    Ação, Aventura, Drama, Ficção Científica, Suspense

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