Juan Minujín

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  • Nome completo: Juan Minujín Quintar
  • Altura: 5' 8" (1.73 m)


Juan Minujin has become one of the most outstanding actors in Argentina. With a long career in film and theater, in recent years he has starred some of the most successful TV programs that have made him one of the most prominent and popular actors. With his latest works has demonstrated a unique versatility comfortably managing comedy and drama. Its ductility allowed him to work with people as diverse as Will Smith and Lucrecia Martel In 2016 he was nominated for best actor in a drama for El Marginal (international multi award winning series) and in comedy for Loco por Vos (the local version of Mad about you). Born in Argentina and raised in Mexico City. He has studied acting, dance and singing in Argentina and London. His first big break in the Argentinian film industry was in the role of a doctor swinger in the movie “2 + 2”, which in 2012 was the highest grossing box office film in Argentina. Juan has worked in many theater productions in Buenos Aires and eventually added work in TV to his portfolio, including starring roles in the shows “Viudas e hijos del Rock & Roll”, “Tratame Bien”, “Tiempos Compulsivos” and the HBO production “Epitafios 2”, among other productions. His first starring role in a film was “A year without love” (2007), where he played a sadomasochist poet with AIDS. This strong acting work caught the attention of Argentine directors and producers. Since then he has been working non-stop in over 20 independent films including “El Abrazo Partido” and “Cordero de Dios”. He has starred in such films as “Zenitram” and “El Cielo Elegido”. For these and other films he has received several awards and nominations. In 2011, Minujin made his first feature film as director, writer and star of “Vaquero”. This film received laurels in major film festivals including the Toronto Internacional Film Festival, and Minujin was awarded several prizes both as director and actor. Minujin’s first big break in the Argentinian film industry was with the funny and fine interpretation in the role of a doctor cardiologist swinger in the movie “2 + 2”, which in 2012 was the highest grossing box office film in Argentina. The role propelled him into different major television roles, most notably as the lead actor in the 2013 TV comedy “Solamente Vos”. This comedy became the highest-rated show in 2013 throughout Argentina. Minujin is a renowned stage actor who has worked with the best Argentine directors and has toured the world with their theatrical productions.


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