Jim Romanovich

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  • Height: 6' 4½" (1,94 m)


Jim Romanovich is a veteran radio broadcaster, television host and accomplished producer. Since 1986, he has dedicated his life to revising our antiquated pop culture views into a relevance today we understand and not only appreciate, but truly enjoy. Jim’s professional life began at a Chicago music radio station where he quickly adapted his show to focus on several produced features to give added value to his shows that his competitors weren’t yet doing. He believed that the standard disc jockey babble of the 80s turned listeners off as it was just noise from a person who had nothing to offer. Besides, he felt people could get just music anywhere. He wanted listeners to have an experience as well as be entertained. So, he implemented “behind the song” features offering his listeners some interesting background about the artists, bands, and songs. So the next time that song was heard, it would have a different connection for them. From there, he started doing hour long specials that were the audio precursor to MTV’s Behind The Music. By 1990, he made the move to Los Angeles to take this skill and bring it to television. Citing Dick Clark and Michael Landon as influences, he knew the only way he was going to get on television was if he sold and produced his own programming. His first series, Mysteries, Magic & Miracles debuted on the new Sci-Fi Channel in 1994 and quickly topped the ratings for the network for four seasons. Avengers star Patrick Macnee hosted while Jim served as producer and co-host. From there the flood gates opened as Jim continued to produce network television shows with some of the greatest pop culture icons of all time on several new specials as series. Cesar Romero, Barbara Eden, Mel Torme, Jerry Mathers, Robert Stack, Erik Estrada, Jonathan Frakes, William Shatner, and many others. He often hosted many of these series and specials for television and continues to voice many documentaries. He also continues to produce for television as well as the emerging new media. Here are just a few high profile projects in which Jim served as Executive Producer: * The Daytime Emmy Awards (2009-2011)-CBS * The Brady Bunch Back in Hawaii (2003)-Travel Channel * Inside Television’s Greatest: I Love Lucy 50 years ( 2001)-TLC * Behind The Fame series (2002)-TLC * Visions (1996 movie co-starring with Erik Estrada and Robert Vaughn) * The Rocky Saga: Going The Distance (2011)-A&E * Inside Story-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (2012)-Bio Channel * The Chiller 13 series (2010-2013)-Syfy/Chiller Network * Syfy’s 20th Anniversary (2013)-Syfy * The Hollywood Christmas Parade (2009-present)-CW/Hallmark Channel * Who Shot the Daytime Soap? (2013)- Pop * Marie (2012-13)-Hallmark Channel * Princess Diana: The Legend and Legacy of a Princess (2007)- Fox/My Network He created and currently hosts several podcasts on Radio Retropolis (www.radioretropolis.com) which is found on iTunes, iHeart Media and several other top distribution outlets. Radio Retropolis is dedicated to our pop culture heritage focusing mainly old time radio with new behind the scenes commentary. Radio Retropolis’ slogan is Retro Cool, Refreshingly New. Retropolis is trademarked. Jim recently returned to acting in a recurring role on the teen sitcom This Just In as Mike, the father of the lead character Liz, who tries to be the voice of reason in the household. The series debuted Dec 10, 2016 and airs on Pop TV.


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(D) O Segredo do Portal (2005, Glenn Chaika) (i.: -10 anos)