Hasan Karacadag


Hasan Karacadag was born in 1976 in Turkey.After high school he went to GATA medical academy.He left the academy two years later.He won the Gold Award and best film award at the ‘JVC Tokyo Video Festival’ 2001-2002-2003. At year 2002-2003 he won the ‘Bunkacho Director Award of Japanese agency for cultural affairs. This is the the best artist award of Japan for foreign. His shoestring budget horror film ‘D@bbe’ lures audiences in Turkey. D@bbe, which was first feature filmed by director Hasan Karacadag; on a low $150,000 budget, has attracted the attention of Turkish audiences despite competition from high-budget movies. This year once again Karacadag is drawing on Islamic legend to create a startling eastern mythological based horror film. His second horror feature film ‘Semum’ has been number 1 at opening weekend on Box office of Turkey.He made his English debut film Magi starring Lucie Pohl, Michael Madsen, Stephen Baldwin and Brianne Davis. The film went on general release across Turkey on April 29, 2016.