Gregório Duvivier


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  • Nome completo: Gregório Byington Duvivier


Brazilian actor and poet born in Rio de Janeiro. Son of singer Olivia Byington and musician Edgar Duvivier. At 9 years old began acting in theater through the drama class Tablado. At 17, he formed the group responsible for the play Z.É., Zenas Emprovisadas. Over the period studied drama in which he was involved in several works quite well known in the Brazilian cultural scene, including the films “Apenas O Fim (2009), À Deriva (2009), Mulher Invisível (2009) and the series “Mandrake (2007 ).” In 2008 he graduated in Letras from PUC-Rio and in the same year he launched a book of poetry, “A partir de amanhã eu juro que a vida vai ser agora (7 Letras, 2008)”, being very well received by critics. His works are always marked by a comic tone, either in interpretation, the theme of the stories.


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