Dominika Peczynski

Informação Pessoal

  • Birth Name: Dominika Maria Peczynska


Dominika Maria Peczynski was born 20th September in Warsaw, to a Russian mother Tina and Polish father. She lived in Poland till 7 years when she moved to Stockholm. Dominika has rich past because of her hippie-style of life. She had traveled to several countries long before her famous Dominika’s Planet. After coming to Stockholm she joined one of the model agencies. For a long time she lived in Prague. She worked as a stripper in Israel and Los Angeles. She joined Army Of Lovers in 1992 as the fourth member, making Army Of Lovers an Abba-lookalike. Her first appearance in Army Of Lovers came with the Abba-cover Hasta Mañana. She knew Michaëla and La Camilla because she worked for the same modeling agency, she went to high school together with Jean-Pierre and she had a love-affair with Alexander. After the split Dominika ended up on television, successful even. She had her own program in the UK called ‘Dominika’s Planet’ in which she travels around the world for adventure. In 2005 a new music project called Nouveau Riche was launched, featuring Peczynski and Ulrich Bermsjö. Their debut single “Oh Lord” was released in November 2005. Following the release of their second single “Hardcore Life”, Peczynski left the band.


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