Bob Hess


So what about Bob? His training, experience, and versatility make him dually comfortable in the role of a confident, knowledgeable, trustworthy spokesperson or, should the need arise, an “honest, natural, REAL, believable, nice guy” (script specs seem to call for that a lot!) engaged in conversation in the coffee shop or at the kitchen table. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Bob has been working as a professional in voice, broadcast, and live theatre for well over three decades, and is proud to be equally at home at the microphone, in front of the camera, or on the stage before a live audience (both in plays and musicals). Additional skills include ear prompter/teleprompter proficiency, twenty years as a language/grammar instructor, fluency in French, and an ear for nuances of dialect (the latter making him an excellent candidate for regional work). In addition, what clients frequently remember about Bob (and what frequently sets him apart) is a very strong work ethic of reliability, focus, and consistency. They know they can rely on him to get the job done, and get it done well.


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Bravos Guerreiros (1997), Tom Berenger, Sam Elliott & Gary Busey, Legendado