Billy Morton


Billy made a mark playing decidedly strange and psychotic characters, most without a shred of morality. Most of these characters had bad dental hygiene and more often than not, ended up dead. After growing up in London, Ontario, and acting and directing high school plays at Sir Adam Beck Collegiate, Billy settled in Saskatchewan on the Canadian prairies. In 1980 he made his first appearance in the Canadian film, “The Hounds of Notre Dame”. Through the next two decades, he played in rock bands, appeared in several plays in addition to the listed credits. After working (and getting killed) in “Open Range” (2003) he has taken a sabbatical from the business to work on his career as a foley artist.


Trailers e Videos


Texas Rangers - Acima da Lei (2001) DVDRip- Dublado [ Ação/ Faroeste ] Com Dylan McDermott