Ash Dadvand


Thrust out the womb, sporting nothing but the beard on his face, Ash Dadvand was destined for greatness. Ash is a cult superstar in the Persian, Kickboxing, and Nudist communities. If hair was a currency, he’d be the richest man in the world. But it’s never been about the money and the fame. For Ash, there is only one goal: to put on a good show. Whether he’s rocking the stage, in front of the camera, or singing his heart out on public transportation, Ash brings you into his world and takes you for a wild adventure. His infectious energy lights up the entire room, be it an intimate audition setting or a stadium full of fans. Not only is he charming and handsome, he’s incredibly funny and humble to boot. In his time outside of acting & modeling, Ash pursues the finer things in life: He is an award winning abstract painter, who periodically competes in martial arts tournaments, teaches children’s kickboxing, and designs clothes & sandals. When asked how he can be so happy all the time, Ash responded with: “I try to approach every day with the excitement of a puppy. The world is a really beautiful place if you choose to see it that way. Also, psychedelics are pretty cool.”


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AQUARIUM OF THE DEAD (2021) Trailer Legendado | Criaturas Marinhas Zumbis, Terror Trash