Angie Simms

Informação Pessoal

  • Birth Name: Angela Marie Simms
  • Height: 5' 8" (1,73 m)


Angie Simms is a rare writer/actress/comedienne multi-hyphenate who continues to book roles in TV shows and films spanning across all genres. Angie was exposed to the world of film and music at a young age. Born into a family of artists with two musically gifted siblings and parents that instilled a “follow your dreams” mentality, it was easy for Angie to choose her path. She was always writing, doing impressions and starring in the school play so it was no surprise when she packed up and moved to Hollywood when she was just 17. Angie recently wrote and starred in the hit show “All Wrong” for Blackpills, which proved to be a break out series for the platform.