Amanda Acosta


Amanda had started her carreer in 1984, when she was four years old, singing “Ursinho Pimpão” on a Raul Gil TV show. After that, she joined the “Do Re Mi” group as singer. In 1988, Amanda started singing in the “Trem da Alegria”, one of the most famous children musical groups in the 80s. In 1989, Amanda played herself on a movie called A Princesa Xuxa e os Trapalhões (1989). Trem da Alegria broke up in 1993 and Amanda started her actreess career. In the same year, she played “Eva” on “O Mapa da Mina” – a soap opera from Rede Globo, the most important TV in Brazil. During the 90s, Amanda decided to be a theater actreess. In 2000, she played “Tábata” on a humor TV show called “Ô Coitado”. Nowadays, Amanda is a MPB singer, but she didn’t forget her actreess career.


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A Princesa Xuxa E Os Trapalhões (1989) Filme Completo Em Português