Alan Dargin


Alan Dargin was born and raised in an Aboriginal tribe in Australia’s northeast Arnhemland and is an internationally acclaimed didgeridoo player as well as having roles in a number of feature films. Dargin began studying the didgeridoo at age five. Dargin’s grandfather taught him how to play, passing on secret techniques which have been passed down for generations over the instrument’s 40,000 year history. Dargin’s primary didgeridoo is over 100 years old and was given to him by his grandfather. It is made from the branch of a eucalyptus tree which is naturally hollowed out by thermites that hatch under the bark and burrow into the wood. The didgeridoo is decorated with Aboriginal tribal markings and was originally used in tribal ceremonies to induce Dreamtime. Dargin still plays ceremonial music, but never for the public. It is forbidden by custom. Dargin has toured extensively in Australia and the US and has performed with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. Most recently, he toured Korea on behalf of the Australian Foreign Affairs Department. He has appeared in a number of Australian films and has also found the time to earn a science degree from the University of Toronto.


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